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Fun With History 2023


Sunday, 15 October 2023




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- 21 KM


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About YEC

Ayutthaya Young Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce (YEC) under the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Chamber of Commerce

The Young Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce (YEC) was established in 2013 by Mr. Isara Vongkusolkit former chairman of The Chamber of Commerce, which aims to create a network of young entrepreneurs and business successors to aid in the Chamber of Commerce’s mission of economic and social development across Thailand.

The Ayutthaya Young Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce (YEC) was established in 2014 by the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand. YEC aims to promote economic and social relationships by bringing businessmen and businesswomen together both in Ayutthaya province and other parts of Thailand.

Our corporate members in Ayutthaya consist of over 200 companies from an extensive and diverse range of sectors like banking and finance, hospitality, tourism, properties, professional services, electronics, manufacturing, logistics, and other industries. Our vast network of members increases interactions, business opportunities, and investment activities and opportunities.

YEC’s prestigious community of entrepreneurs is dedicated to building exceptional teams and cultures, pioneering new innovations, and enacting positive change. We use our knowledge and success to not only elevate our economy and our collective but also to serve our communities.

About China Daily

Founded in 1981, China Daily is the first national English language newspaper in China.Abiding to the principle of helping the world know China better, it is widely recognized as China's most authoritative English language publication and is most frequently quoted by major foreign media. It is cited on average around 1,000 times each week. For years, China Daily has been a must-read newspaper for influential decision makers worldwide who want to understand more about China. More importantly, it is regarded as an irreplaceable channel for forward-looking government officials and business executives seeking business opportunities and the expansion of market share for their products.

China Daily Group

  • China Daily is the foremost national English language newspaper in China. It is now distributed in more than 150 countries and regions around the world. Some 70% of its domestic subscribers are government officials, decision-makers from multinational corporations, or senior management representatives from Chinese large and medium sized enterprises.
  • China Daily is printed in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Nanjing, Hong Kong and New York.
  • To assure rapid delivery, the newspaper is delivered directly to all foreign embassies and consulates, major hotels, commercial buildings and airlines in key cities inside China.
  • China Daily Group has matured into a news group with 13 English language publications and one of the country's top nine news internet portals

About RVi Group

The RVi Group aims to develop people internationally by capitalizing on its unique and innovative training, consultancy and delivery systems in a network of companies across South East Asia, and partners around the world.

Founded in 1989, it has since established a reputable presence in the businesses of Business Publications Services, Management Development Consultancy, International Education Training & Placement, and Institution Management & Development. The group currently employs over 350 staff and associates across 6 countries.

The key brands of the group includes:

  • RVi Institute: For Professional Development and Higher Learning
  • RVi Centre: International Student Preparation and Placement Agency
  • RVIPS: Media Publisher and Distributor
  • RVi Academy: Institution Management Arm of our International Schools; including
    1. Singapore International School:RVi Academy Yangon
    2. Siam Singapore International School: RVi Academy Bangkok
    3. MCTA International School: RVi Academy Mandalay